Saturday, 3 December 2016

Your worst nightmare

hi i'm xotrollitaxo! i have account's on like all social media. i write like everything (including names) with like small letters???? and i cant spell??? or use proper gramar??? i write your when i mean you're and i put apostrophe's in words on plural form and i don't in possessive's??
i have opinion's for like literally everything??? politic's, society, music, movie's, spelling (yes! spelling!), someones look's, someones writing's, anything and everything! you write about something? ill make sure to comment because my opinion is very important??? and it can like literally change the worl??? and i literally always finish by sayin "just sayin'"!!1
i follow the vloggers and the bloggers only to leave them like nasty message's and to write "first!!1" even if mine is proly the 456th comment??? it matters to be first in the comment's, its my life, my purpose of being!!1 i forgot to mention, i should of started a blog but im to lazy??? i literally live to follow others, to hate them and troll them until they close there blogs and chanels!!1!!!
i rarely punctuassion??? unless i end like literally most of my phrases with lots of question marks??? or many exclamassion marks and i forget to make the 1 into a ! !!!!!1 i like to write everything in one big phrase so that you literally read my post with one breath until u sufocate and die and then i can write on ur profile how sorry i am you dyed and your my bff and love you so much and i suffer from anxxiety to and i literally have the same problems like you but im glad you dyed because ur like copying zoella who is like literally my bff altho i never met her and she doesn't even no i exist so fuk you zoella you didn'g write ur books but omg girl online is the best book ever!!!1!! so i wud like literally die if you sign my book so i can sell it on ebay??? and plz go to my profile i have the truth about zalfie and narcus i didn't no they broke up i ship joe and naomi i ship jaomi and subscribe to my chanel i have like beauty lifestyle fashion diy lolz!!!1 dont try to like avoid me??? im like literally everywhere??!!1??!1 xoxo<3

Monday, 13 June 2016

My Current Favourites

Once again I failed to blog for many months. I will confess this: having a full-time job in retail and blogging/vlogging don't go together. Especially when on my days off I have to run errands, go to the supermarket, gym, catch up on emails and some work from home and, let's not forget, get some rest.
The truth is, all I want to do is shoot videos and write on my blog, it gives me enormous pleasure and I feel the most creative then. But unfortunately, it's the one thing that has to go to the bottom of the list as others go towards the top. Bummer!

Anyway, for the past few months, I have chosen a few products that have made my life pretty and my little heart flutter with happiness. And here they are:

Tuesday, 26 January 2016

My favourite MAC lipsticks!

Oh, Mac, Mac what are you doing to me?
No matter how many of your gorgeous, luscious lipsticks I may have, I will always want more!
I love all shades of red and pink and Mac lipsticks come in so many beautiful shades: red, pink, fuchsia, purple, nudes, browns, indigo... you name it! And little by little my collection is getting bigger. Current count: 17, but that is from all the years.

In this video I am presenting my 15 out of 17 favourite shades - and the reason why I haven't included all of them is because Satiate has gone off and Redwood is finished and going back to Mac soon....

Below are the swatches of every lipstick in my video. The description of each lipstick is from the Mac website as all I could say for each one in my video was "gorgeous" and "amazing", LOL!

Bright red-pink

Up The Amp
Lavender violet

Girl About Town
Bright blue fuchsia

Show Orchid
Very Hot Pink

Light neutral nude

Light neutral pink

Pink-beige with white pearl

Midtonal cream plum

Pure Zen
Frosted warm nude

Muted neutral pink

Lavender Whip
I could not find this on the Mac website, so I'm just going to give my own definition: lilacky purple with a hint of silver undertone

Soft pale pink

Spiked-up plum
Outspoken pink

Intense reddish-burgundy

And here is the video! Please give it a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel, it makes me so happy! :) xxx

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